Friday, August 23, 2013

I found my one true love - Tiger Cam

I don't have a good nail post today - I've been busy, busy with lots of packing and going out - so I'm just going to share a SUPER CUTE LIVE video that will have you going, AWWWW!! wherever you happen to be. I mean, look at those two adorable innocent little balls of fur and their momma.

I LOVE big cats - tigers, cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, panthers, you freaking name it and I love 'em. In fact, it's so weird because I love all kinds of feline creatures except domestic cats. Yeaaahhh... I'm a dog person, not so much a cat person though if you find me a cat like Garfield, I wouldn't mind keeping him. A fat orange spaghetti-loving cat is for me.

Anyway, The Pet Collective is this AWESOME Youtube channel that streams baby animal videos live. I especially LOVED the pitbull, eagle, mini horse and most recent Labrador cam (the one with Buddy!).  This channel has been taking up so much of my time and every minute is worth it!

Did you already know of the existence of The Pet Collective? First timer? Cute, right? Which is your favorite cam? Come on, you know you can't resist cute puppies/kittens/eagles.

Thanks for reading and commenting <3 and be sure to check back for more nail posts coming!


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