Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas nail art: penguin and snowflakes

Hello friends!~

Today I have a recent Christmas nail art design! I'm excited because it's been a while since I've done something fresh. I hope you like this design:

Taken indoors
For this design I used: Orly -Snowcone, Orly - Liquid Vinyl, China Glaze - White on White, Love & Beauty - red, China Glaze - Fairy Dust, and a white nail art pen.

I used two coats of Orly - Snowcone for my thumb, index, ring and little finger. On each finger I drew a different snowflake design and some 'snow'. I swiped on a very thin coat of China Glaze - Fairy Dust to create a glittery effect then I applied top coat.

For the penguin, I used two coats of Orly - Liquid Vinyl then I used White on White to draw the oblong of the penguin's belly. I used a dotting tool to do the eyes. I didn't bring ANY orange/yellow polish with me (brilliant) so I decided to wing it and mix Love & Beauty - red with White on White to create that lovely shade of pink that you see as the penguin's beak and feet. I think the color turned out unique and I love it!!! -small surprises-

I sealed in the design with Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat.

Taken indoors

Taken indoors

Taken indoors
Seems like you can't really see the layer of China Glaze - Fairy Dust but in real, the effect was pretty. I didn't want the coat to be too heavy because in another design I used too much and it stole too much attention from the actual design.

What do you think? Is Orly - Snowcone not the most perfect wintery shade of blue? Let me know! Christmas nails all out? Show me please!

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Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas nails: Frosty the Snowman

Hey guys. Merry Christmas... in 4 weeks hehe! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We're having turkey leftovers and they are delicious! Here are some Christmas nails I did last year (I think).

It was very simple because I was attempting nail art on my right hand (as you can tell from the pictures). Here you go:

All I used for this nail design was China Glaze - Frostbite, Love & Beauty - Confetti Sprinkles, China Glaze - Salsa, a white nail art pen and some black nail polish. I layered Confetti Sprinkles over Frostbite and for my thumb nail, I used the nail art pen to draw the snow and snowman. I dotted on the scarf, eyes and hat. And that's it!

Here's a very simple nail design I did for my sister:

 Haha, as you can see there's not much to it. I used China Glaze - Exotic Encounters as the base and used a white nail art pen to draw the snowflakes and VERY minimalistic tree. I liked how they turned out.

Let me know what you think. What Christmas nails have you done or are you about to do?

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cheerleader outfit nail art

Hey everyone, today I have a recent nail design to show you. Which is obviously exciting because the other nail art I've been posting is old lol. I recently got a 6-pack of Scotch tape from Costco and of course I had to do some nail art with the glorious reels of tape. Back home I'm stingy with tape because Scotch Magic Tape is so expensive -_-

But anyway, I broke the tape out and used it for my first nail art design since arriving in California. Yay! They're normal V-tip nails but the colors I used happened to look like a cheerleader's skirt thus the title of my post.

Right hand pictures are usually always weird.

Here I used China Glaze - Salsa, China Glaze - Ruby Pumps and Essie - Play Date (the lovely lilac).

And here is my right hand.

Here, I used the same colors - China Glaze - Salsa, China Glaze - Ruby Pumps, Essie - Play Date and Orly - Liquid Vinyl.

What do you think? Easy right? I think I actually like double-V-tips since they look cuter. Tell me what you think!! <3

I'll be blogging on and off here because apparently I just don't have enough nail posts to put up. Okay, I do have quite a few pictures and I've been doing new designs (yay me) but with school and life and general lack of motivation to edit pictures, the posts are seriously lacking.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps

Today's red glitter polish is none other than China Glaze - Ruby Pumps which is the loveliest red glitter polish ever? I know I say that a lot but how can you blame me? This red is the bomb.

It is as fierce as it is stunning and from the name of the polish itself, you can kinda tell what is characteristics are. Judge for yourself:


It's a wonderful red that doesn't look gaudy at all. The glitter is embedded in the polish so no grittiness at all! I love that about Ruby Pumps. It's almost a jelly but not quite.

Also, it is THE perfect holiday nail color. It's the perfect red for Christmas nails. You can use it for nail art or you can just wear it as it is and it'll look fab either way. Christmas is in 3 months but I still make excuses to wear this color all year round. In fact, I'm wearing Ruby Pumps right now haha.

The first coat of Ruby Pumps goes on half-sheer so you definitely need two coats. Apply top coat and you're good to go. I've tried using a matte top coat over Ruby Pumps and the effect is quite fascinating. The flatness of the red glitter is unique so you might want to try that.

Bad cuticles, sorry!
Ruby Pumps isn't really flashy in sunlight though so don't expect it to be one of those sparkly glitters. Its beauty lies in its subtleties, really.

Go pick it up at your local Sally Beauty Store. Or order it online.

Let me know if this is the kind of red you dive for the moment you see it in stores.

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Don't tell anyone but I'm editing pictures of my nails...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another blog revival?! Unexpected saran wrap nail art favorite

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Whoaaaaa, was February really the last time I posted something?! -_- Oops.

If you've still been coming by, thank you so much. If not, well, fresh starts are always good, right? I took a much needed break (but in no way did that mean that I stopped painting my nails; I just stopped doing nail art) and will be back... once this chip on my nail grows out.

In the meantime, here's a design I did quite a while back ago (ahem, last year):

I used the saran wrap method to achieve this look. I started out with the pink base then dabbed on the grey with a ball of saran wrap. The first two nails look alright but please direct your attention to my ring and little finger. Aren't the colors just magical together?!

I used China Glaze - Strawberry Fields as the base then dabbed on Maybelline - Impeccable Greys. The shimmer from Strawberry Fields gives it such an enchanting look... like a dusty pink galaxy. Or a nebula... I could start pulling up names from my astronomy class but that would bore you haha. You know I'm a sucker for pretty grey combos.

If you look at the closeup of Impeccable Greys, you'll notice the purple ring at the top of the bottle. Impeccable Greys is not just a grey polish; it's a gorgeous amethyst grey. Yup, it's like the color of a car. The hint of purple is really what makes Impeccable Greys my favorite grey everrr. The bottle is tiny though so I try not to use it a lot. What's the point, right? Haha, maybe I'll get another bottle so that I can use it freely. That's what I did with China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise (ugh, such a lovely neon matte polish).

Let me know what you think of this color combo. Do you own Impeccable Greys? Best grey polish you own? Let me know, I want them aaaaalllllllll.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Liebster Award #2

Hi guys!

So I've just been nominated by Beauty by Shortylegs for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much, lovely!! <3 This will be my second time being nominated and I don't think the thrill of people thinking I'm cool enough for this award will ever go away. I am so flattered and at the same time it makes me feel bad for not updating here as often! Time to remedy that.

I promise that I'm still highly into nail art but it's just coming along slowly because 1) I moved to a new country and the move has messed things up. I didn't bring ALL my nail polish with me - super sad about that - and my tools are everywhere (!!) so I definitely need to organize them into one spot.

2) I've been busy with college and stuff, gah. You saw lots of posts from me last year because I was taking a break from college thus all the free time haha.

3) I've surprisingly been blogging more on my main blog. I've just been more inspired to write there. If you miss me on here, please drop by my main blog that I share with my sister. We kick ass there. Please do not be overwhelmed by our seemingly endless reviews of animes - really into that these days. OH, nail art idea - favorite anime characters. Haha, would anyone want to see that?

And reason 4) for not blogging regularly - I brought a smaller laptop so nothing really works as fast anymore. I can't run Photoshop, I can't run many programs in the background (damn you, small hard disk), the keyboard drives me up the wall half the time and I didn't import my bookmarks so I've pretty much got nothing on this PC.

I'll work on creating more nail art and I'm slowly trying to look for all the nail blogs I used to follow T_T

Anyway.. Not to get sidetracked, I'll get right down to the award and stuff. Here are the questions and answers:

* Answer the 11 questions set by the person giving you the award
* Nominate 11 other bloggers with 200 or less subscribers
* Come up with 11 questions for them to answer 

1. What are your thoughts on Organic/Natural makeup? Have you used a lot of it? Own any products that are Organic/Natural?

A makeup question. This will be interesting. Haha. I am not a makeup kind of girl. I'm still a noob at it. I can barely tell the difference between foundation and primer. Actually, I can't. Please send me instructional videos on makeup for beginners, thank you.

I'm not sure if any of the few beauty products I'm using are organic/natural but I'm pretty sure my mom does use it..... Almay, I think? Haha, told you I'm a noob.

2. Who is your top 5 favorite authors?

Oh, good question!!

Carolyn Keene - she started it all. My mystery-genre-loving side was inspired by all the crapload of Nancy Drew that I read as a kid. I was OBSESSED with Nancy Drew... and later the Hardy Boys (Frank and Joe made my 10-year-old heart skip a beat because why not? They're cute).

Meg Cabot - then along came The Princess Diaries. I LOVE the way she writes. It's so casual and relatable and makes you feel like you are actually living the character's life. Isn't that the way to go?! The Princess Diaries started my romance phase of reading and writing. I was all about the romance genre when it came to books and writing my own fiction. FOR YEARS. My favorite though would have to be All American Girl (but not the 2nd book). P.S: I never finished reading TPD, haha.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips - because Natural Born Charmer. Hands down my favorite 'adult' romance book ever. Dean and Blue forever. I don't even care that I sound like a teenybopper.

Barry Eisler - while I question John Rain's morals and principles, I don't question Barry Eisler's writing. He is a literary genius.

Robert Crais - because The Watchman. Because Joe Pike. Ever wished you wrote a particular book because of its astounding level of mind-blowing-ness (I made this word up)? Yeah, I totally wish I wrote The Watchman. Joe Pike is one of my all-time favorite fictional characters. He kicks ass and I only have Robert Crais to look up to for that. :d

You can actually never ask me to list only 5 but here are 5.

3. When you were a kid, who were your favorite artist(s)?

Artist as in bands/singers, right? Westlife. Backstreet Boys. Ronan Keating. The end. Okay, kidding. There were tons but these are coming up off the top of my head when I think of my childhood.

4. What is your favorite lipstick? If you do not wear lipstick what is your favorite lip balm or lip gloss?

Bath and Body Works's Liplicious - Black Cherry. I don't think they still carry it. If they do, PLEASE direct me to the exact store you saw it. I'm IN LOVE with it but I am so stingy with it because I don't want to finish it.

5. What is one of your biggest pet peeves? What annoys you to no end?

Just one? Okay. Rude AND unfriendly people. The ultimate combo. I have met so many in the past few weeks. I want to punch them in the face.

6. Let´s say that you have your entire day free of anything in particular that you have to do. What do you do when you just want to relax?

Surf the internet. Play. Write. Watch shows. Eat.

7. What is your favorite makeup brand?

I........ will just randomly say The Body Shop. Don't hate on me.

8. What is your favorite type of food?

Potatoes. Spuds, duh. ;) I like them any way.

9. Why did you start blogging and was it hard to decide what you wanted to blog about?

Excellent question. My mom thought it would be a good idea if my sister and I started one so she bought us our own How awesome of her, right? This was 5 years ago. At first we blogged about a LOT of random stuff. Then last year after I created this nail blog, I was suddenly inspired to start blogging back on that blog. I wouldn't call our blog a lifestyle blog but I guess it is? So suddenly I find myself juggling 2 blogs.

10. When it comes to eye shadows, do you prefer loose eye shadows or pressed ones?

Loose, I guess. I've seen pressed eye shadows fall to the floor and crack. Not pretty.

11. Name your top 3 favorite nail polishes

Right now I am loving China Glaze - First Mate, China Glaze - Turned Up Turquoise and Essie - Naughty Nautical. Yes, they are shades of green and blue.


Whew! that was pretty long. And now I have to think of questions and nominees? This is not my favorite part today haha.

I nominate YOU. If you're reading this, pick this award up because I just nominated you! Have fun with it.

My questions:

1) Your favorite song at the moment is...?
2) What is your favorite season and why?
3) If you were a super hero what powers would you have?
4) What is your favorite holiday destination?
5) What shows are you currently watching or looking forward to watching? Bonus question: Who is excited for Game of Thrones season 4?!
6) What do you typically have for breakfast?
7) Where do you find yourself singing most often - in the shower/when you're doing dishes/while walking home/other? If other, where?
8) What was your favorite subject in school/college and why?
9) What is your fashion sense like? Practical/retro/preppy/etc?
10) What are some of your favorite quotes?
11) Do you have a driver's license? If yes, when did you get your license? If no, why not? (I'm throwing this question in because I don't have my license haha!)

There you have it. Random questions off the top of my head. I hope you answer them. If you don't want to answer them as an award (why would you not accept this award from me? T_T), you can always answer them in a regular post. Comment with your link, I'd love to read your answers!

That's it from me! Let me know what you think of my answers or if we share any of the same answers. That's always interesting.

Thanks for reading! x