Monday, August 26, 2013

How I made my images Pinnable

Hey everyone.

I don't have a nail post today but I would like to share something awesome with you! If you have noticed I've been joining lots of link parties recently - I LOVE discovering inspirational and down-to-earth folks in the blogosphere and I have found a few :D - and I've been dropping by random blogs to check blogs out. I've lost count of how many posts about potatoes that I've commented on today :P

Anyway, I stumbled on this Pinterest link party (omg, I can't remember what the exact name is, sorry) and I thought, a Pinterest hop? Cool... so how does this work? And I didn't read the rules properly (it was early, I wasn't fully awake yet, lol) and submitted my link. After submitting my link I reread the post and was like, omg no way. You're supposed to submit the Pinterest link of whatever picture you have from your blog but I submitted my post link.

And I was like, where the heck can I find this photo link?? Then it clicked in my head. It's the big [P] button in the center or upper corner of pictures that I've seen on other people's blogs. I was just wondering a day or two ago how to get those buttons.

So I did the only logical thing right then: I asked my mom (she's also a blogger and I'm sure some of you have seen her in some of the mommy blog hops). Mom, how do I get that Pinterest button that will allow people to Pin my pictures from my blog?? My mom's not the biggest Pinterest user so she didn't know.

So I did the next logical thing to do: I Googled how to make my images 'pinnable'. The first few links were bleh but then I visited this site which led me to this site and found the perfect tutorial that showed me how to insert the code into my blog to get the button. I followed the instructions and voila, now you can Pin my pictures to your heart's content... only if you want to. For those of you who've been meaning to make your images Pinnable or didn't know that such a function existed, now's your chance to do so. :)

Okay that's the story of how I made my images Pinnable. Hope you found the tutorial as helpful as I found it.

If you like, here are a few of my favorite nail designs that you can Pin.

Moving on, I don't know about you but everyone I know seems to be on Instagram. I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook which owns Instagram so I've been putting off making an account. It does seem to be the 'it' place.

Do you think I should make an account? 
Will I have fun there? 
Is it anything like Tumblr (I love it more than Pinterest, I'm sorry haha)? 
Also, should I make a Facebook account for my nail blog? 
Would you follow me on Insta and/or Fb??

Thanks for reading and I appreciate everyone's comments so much! xx

P.S: I am on Twitter and I love Twitter so you can always follow me there.


  1. Hey! So you asked on my latest post about Polyvore! You can easily create an account and then you can make your own collages really easily. I really love it and it isn't just for beauty and fashion - there's also album covers, backgrounds, photos of people, photography, prints and patterns, and home decor! Feel free to follow me once you have made one to see what I have done in the past! I will follow you back :)

    1. Hi Grace! Thanks for the super quick response. I'm so convinced that it'll be fun and easy that I went to make an account immediately after I read your comment LOL. I'm following you there now.

  2. A Pinterest party?? Wow! Your nail art is beautiful!!!

    1. Hi Jenya! Yes, I hadn't heard of a Pinterest party til that day! Cool, right?
      Thank you for your lovely comment! :) xx


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