Sunday, August 25, 2013

Frosted tribal nail art

I actually did these nails quite some time ago (when I was a semi-newbie at nail stuff) which would explain the lack of clean up so please excuse that.

Taken with flash
I used all Love & Beauty polishes for this design except for the black polish which came from a black nail art pen.

Love & Beauty doesn't actually give their nail polish names - well, you can see names on the Forever21 site but these came in a set - so I'll just name them myself.

On my thumb is a Frosty Peach polish and the other polish on my other nails is a shade of Pearly Oyster. Both are very sheer and would probably require 4 or 5 coats (!!) to reach any kind of opacity so I layered them over white.

In the picture above, I'm wearing one coat of both polishes and you can tell that it's streaky.

Taken with flash
Now here I'm wearing 2 coats of both polishes. The pearly finish has obvious brushstrokes but I don't mind that so much.

I wasn't - and still am not - too crazy about either color since neither complements my skin color. It just makes my skin look washed-out or at some angles, darker. It wasn't working for me but I thought it would be a waste to remove after layering on the polish so carefully... So this is what I did:

Taken with flash
At first, I used Love & Beauty - Pale Blue, Pale Pink and Pale Orchid to do some random stripes. Suddenly the color didn't seem so bad and I found myself reaching for my nail art pen to fill in the blanks with dots and arrows.

Taken with flash
I took the pictures before I put on top coat so if you're wondering whether I was going for a textured look, I wasn't.

This might not be one of my best nail designs but it was spontaneous and I ended up figuring out a way to jazz up the poor base colors. So if you have a nail color that you don't like on you, you could probably try something like this.

I LOVE all things tribal print. Do you?

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love this!!!
    I love anything tribal, and I would love to do it on my nails. I wonder if I have enough talent to do just one nail without it looking like some crazy crapola...
    Britt @ One&20

    1. Hi Britt! Tribal's awesome. :D
      You could start out with some simple lines and dots. That's what I did but I started to get more and more obsessed with filling the blank spaces haha! I'd love to see your spin on tribal nails.

  2. I love checking out other peoples tribal designs, and your's go into my bucket of inspiration! I have been looking at lots of tribal designs lately because one of my friends loves them and I tried to do them for was a complete disaster, like a COMPLETE disaster, so now they are on my practice list :)

    1. Me too! There was one day when I obsessed over finding and bookmarking all the tribal print nail art I liked, lol. Thanks for including my tribal nails in your bucket of inspiration ;)
      I am still trying to perfect straight lines using a nail art brush so here's to us succeeding in doing awesome tribal nails!


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