Sunday, July 7, 2013

Whimsy rose garden nail art

I did it! I finally did the floral nails that I've been longing to do for quite some time now. I scrolled through quite a few pages of Google images to find inspiration. I LOVE how these turned out. What do you think?

Taken indoors
I remembered to take a picture while doing these nails.

Taken with flash
Here they are, halfway done. Flash overkill, I know. :P

Taken with flash
And here they are, complete!

I used a dotting tool for the flowers, a small nail art brush for the leaves and a black nail art pen for the outline of the flowers.

The colors I used for this design:
  • China Glaze - White on White
  • China Glaze - Strawberry Fields (couldn't resist a bit of shimmer!)
  • Essie - The Girls Are Out (shimmer, again)
  • A pink Love & Beauty polish from F21.
  • Two nameless local polishes.
  • Sally Hansen - Mint Sprint
  • Sally Hansen - Green With Envy
I used Seche Vite as a top coat and it sealed all the colors in nicely.

Taken indoors

Taken indoors (matte)

Oh, I added my Orly - Matte Topcoat after a couple of days to see if I would like it matte. Nahhh. Glossy is the way to go!

Taken in the shade outdoors

Taken indoors
This is China Glaze - White on White before I did the design. You can probably tell from the picture that only my thumbnail had two coats and the rest only one. In my haste to get my nails done, I forgot to take a picture with all nails layered with 2 coats of White on White. ><

Thanks so much for reading.

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