Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Abstract brush stroke nail art - pastel and bright

I came across this abstract canvas brush stroke nail art on Gorgeois's blog last year, I think. She did a tutorial on it and it's brilliant so check it out over here. The first time I attempted it, I had too much polish on the brush and I wasn't very spontaneous so it turned out to be a splotchy mess.

This was my second attempt:

Pretty neat, huh? Obviously it lacks the subtle but mind-blowing beauty of Gorgeois's but I'm happy with how these turned out. It's definitely one of my favorite designs because I like spontaneous, carefree designs. No tools required either - bonus!

I used way too many polishes to be named so I'll leave that out. What's awesome about this design is that you can use any color combination you like and it'll probably turn out nice.

Up close, I really liked the pastel combination but from afar, it just looked washed out whereas the brighter colors were really eye-catching. I really have to do this design again with different colors!

Do you like the bold color combo or the pastel one?

Thanks for reading !

P.S: Don't mind the different fonts of the watermark in every picture, I was testing out fonts to see which one suits me best.

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  1. These are so fun! I've wanted to do these the last few weeks but keep deciding on something else when I'm actually doing my nails. Maybe next week I'll finally try it. :)

    Thanks again for linking up. :)


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