Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pineapple leopard print nail art

Hey everyone! All hope for this blog is not lost yet. I'm still here... just slow at updating and still trying to get back into doing more than one nail art per week.

ANYHOW, Who's up for a tropical nail design today? First, what is your favorite tropical fruit? Not sure what falls under the tropical fruit category? Here's a list:

Mango, papaya, kiwi, mangosteen, banana, guava and here are some not-so-common ones. Have you heard of any on that list? I know at least half. ;)

I'm not a fan of pineapples unless they're in pizza and even then I don't like too many pineapple chunks. However, I've always been fascinated by the fruit. It just looks freaking cool and smells amazing. You can't deny the uniqueness of the pineapple. Come to think of it, tropical fruits are all super cool.

Let's get on with the design:
Taken indoors
As you can see, I started off with V-shaped designs which are easy to achieve with tape. Just make sure you 'dab' the tape a few times so that it's less sticky. I painted the green V tips OVER the yellow as opposed to painting the yellow over the green.

I honestly did not intend to do a pineapple design and I wore my nails like this for a day or two.

taken with flash

taken with flash

And then I got bored and wanted to remove this design... but then I had a brilliant idea. I'll mess with the design BEFORE I remove it. I already thought the color combo was like a pineapple's so I just went with it.

taken with flash
You can't really see the criss-cross pattern in this picture with flash but in the photo below it's more obvious.

I LOVE that the accent nail was a leopard print because it just looks so cute tied together and the colors are amazing.

I don't know what made me brush on green polish onto the V tips but that wasn't very smart. I should have just left it at the V tips. Still, it was NOT obvious at all under normal light and sunlight. The flash is just to give you a clear picture of what I did.
taken in indirect sunlight

I cannot for the lunch in me think remember the exact polishes I used because I did this last year but I do remember using Revlon Top Speed Yellow as the yellow base.

I LOVED doing this design. It was very tedious to do mix the polishes to get the exact shade of browns that I wanted and to draw the criss-cross 'boxes' (my fruit vocab rocks) but it was worth it. I wore this design for a couple more days and was sad to remove it at the end of the week.

Definitely would do this again. I just don't think I brought that blue-green polish with me. Blegh.

Anyway, tell me what you think! Are you a tropical fruits kind of person? What tropical fruits would you include in a nail design? Oh, and how was your weekend? :)

OH, an idea: what about a Valentine's Day themed tropical fruit nail art?! A pink pineapple and red leopard print accent nail? How cool would that be?!!

Thanks for reading and being patient with me!


  1. Lovely nail art :)
    Im not a huge fan of Pineapple either, I prefer mango :)
    I did recognize some of the fruits in the other list but I did not know their names so it was loads of fun to get a name for the fruits :D
    Btw, I have awarded you with the Liebster Award on my blog :)

  2. wonderful design! I love it, especially pineapple :)
    Would you like to follow each other? -just let me know on my blog- cheers


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